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It’s not too late to send your beer to DC for CBC, but you need to hurry up!

The Craft Brewer’s Conference is just over a month away. If you are thinking about sending beer to DC for one or more of the awesome events taking place that week (and you should), you need to get moving. DC has … Continue reading

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How to complete the Owner Officer Information questionnaire (for a TTB Permit Application)

This guide walks you through how to complete an OOI through TTB’s Permits Online system.  Each of the sections below can be expanded Click the Who must complete an OOI?

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How to start a TTB Brewer’s Notice Application in PermitsOnline (with screenshots)

We have seen some confusion out there about how to initiate a brewer’s notice application. Here is a quick overview on how to initiate an application: Set up a Permits Online account.   Click, “Create a New Application.” Check “I have … Continue reading

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Interview with Craft Beer Marketing Institute re Craft Beer Legal Issues

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Learn More About Alternating Proprietorships (Linked Article)

According to TTB, “An ‘Alternating proprietorship’ is a term used to describe an arrangement in which two or more people take turns using the physical premises of a brewery.”  In such an arrangement, one entity takes on the role as … Continue reading

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Sept. 16-18: Ask Beverage Lawyer Robert Anything About Federal Beer Compliance

Here is your chance to ask Robert Lehrman, an attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the alcohol beverage industry, anything about Federal Beer Compliance.

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Beer Trademark Webinar from 8/25/2015

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Obama Administration Proposes Removing Bond Requirements for Small Brewers (Again)

The Obama Administration has published its Fiscal Year 2016 Revenue Proposals.  For the fourth year in a row, the Administration is proposing relief for small brewers in the form of removing bond requirements in 2016.  The proposal provides: The proposal … Continue reading

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How a Lawyer Can Help: Getting a COLA

Some good insight into how a lawyer can help you navigate TTB’s label approval process.

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Article: Tax Tips for Breweries

Brewery CPA Chris Farmand wrote an article providing tips for brewery owners to help them take advantage of tax credits, deductions, and other incentives.  According to Chris: As year end approaches, certain tax planning strategies should be in-motion for craft … Continue reading

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